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Hitachi in Singapore

Urban Sustainability R&D Congress 2011. Collaborate, Integrate, Innovate. 27-28 June 2011

Focused on the theme, Collaborate, Integrate, Innovate, Urban Sustainability R&D Congress 2011 is a new national platform to discuss key state challenges in urban sustainability and to encourage a rich exchange of ideas for a better Singapore city.

The Guest-of-Honour for the Congress was Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower. About 1,300 delegates from government bodies, non-governmental organizations and research institutes attended the event.

Hitachi Asia, together with Hitachi Plant Technologies (HPT), Central Research Laboratory (CRL) and Yokohama Research Laboratory (YRL) from Hitachi Ltd, presented a total of five innovations for overcoming the urban sustainability challenges during the two-day R&D Congress.

CRL showcased two Hitachi technology products - the Large-scale Video Surveillance System and the Earth Environment Monitoring (EEM), which forecasts natural phenomena through satellite images based on GIS (Geographic Information System).

In addition, research applications demonstrated by YRL such as Wireless Network Technology helps to improve energy saving in smart grid systems and also aid safety driving on roads while Community Energy Management System efficiently manages energy flowing within the community.

HPT also presented their Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Control System which allows user to achieve 50% energy saving against conventional air conditioning system.

This event deepened existing partnerships by bringing about greater synergies in research efforts.

Hitachi Innovations

Mr. Sagawa (HAS-R&D GM) was explaining Hitachi's poster panels to MP Tan Chuan-Jin

MP Tan was looking at Hitachi's Demo on Large-scale Video Survelliance Camera System

Mr. Sagawa was explaining Hitachi's technologies to MP Tan

Central Research Laboratory exhibitors were explaining Hitachi's technology to a visitor

Mr. Yano from Yokohama Research Laboratory was explaining Hitachi's CEMS to a visitor

Mr Urano from Central Research Laboratory was explaining Large-scale Video Survelliance Camera System to visitor

Mr Ono from Hitachi Plant Technologies  was explaining Hitachi's Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Control System to visitor

(YRL) Mr Takatani was explaining Hitachi's Wireless Network Systems to a visitor

Hitachi Booth being one of the exhibitors in the Congress'11

Overview of R&D Congress 2011